What is Float Therapy?

A float therapy pod is a “Sensory Deprivation Tank” also called an “Isolation Tank” or Float Pod is a dark, sound proof enclosed container that is filled with a foot or less of clean, clear, continuously filtered water that contains approximately 1,000 pounds of magnesium salt (Epsom salt.)

Float Therapy was developed in the early 1960’s by Dr. John C. Lilly as a means to study the origins of mental consciousness by cutting off all external stimuli. Since that time, Float Therapy has been a part of numerous scientific studies to determine the health benefits.

The water is heated to average skin temperature (94° F) and saturated with Epsom salt to provide buoyancy. The density of the water-which is close to the dead sea-provides a near anti-gravity environment by  dispersing weight evenly across the body to minimize chronic postural tension and relieve pain.

Why Float?

Health & Wellness

  • Provides a deep state of relaxation
  • Helps to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves your sleep pattern
  • Enhances athletics performance
  • Expands your creativity
  • And much more


Floating is uniquely designed to cultivate mental stillness. It can generate a sensation of being intensely awake yet, at the same time, extremely relaxed and present. Helps to induce theta-state brainwaves or bring about an altered state of consciousness.



With your mind & body in a deeply calm state it can help to improve concentration, aid in creating solutions to complicated problems or maybe even increase your golf game, who knows.

Things to know:

Try NOT to shave or wax for several hours prior to floating. The high salt content entering tiny scratches can make the skin hurt or sting and make the experience less enjoyable

  • Note: We do have petroleum gel to use on small cuts. This can help prevent salt from getting into the wound.

Try to eat only a light small meal prior to floating. A heavy meal along with the weightless sensation can cause some people to become nauseous.

Do NOT ingest heavily caffeinated or energy drinks for several hours prior to floating. Stimulants can cause increased heart rates and prevent the calm, relaxed state you are attempting to obtain.

Remove contacts prior to entering the pod. It is possible that salt water can get into your eyes and cause burning.

  • Note: We provide a spray bottle with fresh water to assist in cleaning salt from your face.

Music can be made available to listen to from your own device while in the pod. However, you may also enjoy relishing in the silence of your mind.


What should I wear?

While floating you can choose to be nude or wear a bathing suit. However, we recommend that nothing be worn during a float session to allow more of the magnesium to be absorbed through the skin.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. Everything needed for floating will be provided to you in the room. We offer ear plugs, facial wipes, cotton swabs, linens, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, etc.

What if I am claustrophobic?

If you begin to feel closed in or uncomfortable while in the pod, you can turn on the interior light or simply open the lid. You have control over the environment.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. It is common for people to fall asleep while in a float session. The saltwater makes you buoyant so you cannot sink. However, if desired, we have a foam ring to go under your head to keep it above water.

How often are the pods cleaned?

The pods are constantly being cleaned between sessions. They are equipped with filters along with UV lights and ozone generators to assure cleanliness. In addition, the water chemicals are checked regularly to make certain the levels meet state guidelines.

Can Two people float in the same pod?

No. The pods are designed to hold one person at a time. However, we do have two pods available, so you can float at the same time in different rooms.


30 Minute Float


60 Minute Float


90 Minute Massage



30 Minute Packages

  • 3 Sessions: $80 ($10 Savings)
  • 4 Sessions: $105 ($15 Savings)
  • 5 Sessions $130 ($20 Savings)
  • 6 Sessions $155 ($25 Savings)

60 Minute Packages

  • 3 Sessions: $140 ($10 Savings)
  • 4 Sessions: $185 ($15 Savings)
  • 5 Sessions $230 ($20 Savings)
  • 6 Sessions $275 ($25 Savings)

90 Minute Packages

  • 3 Sessions: $207 ($18 Savings)
  • 4 Sessions: $264 ($36 Savings)
  • 5 Sessions $305 ($68 Savings)
  • 6 Sessions $342 ($108 Savings)


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